Colloidal Silver

Benefits and Backstory of the usage of Colloidal Silver

Have you ever heard the saying “a little dirt never hurt”? It seems that some of our closest furry friends have taken that to heart, and while it’s all fun and good a little dirt can go a long way as far as bacteria is concerned! Eventually, between the mud rolls, pool dives, and poop-inspecting sniffs, our canine companions will find themselves nose deep into an infection. Generally, when we’re faced with this predicament, we slap on some ointment full of at least 20 words that we can’t pronounce, praying that the $5.00 we spent at Walmart will eradicate the situation before it even began for the sake of comfort and health of our shaggy soul mates. Well, we’re here to tell you about an alternative to the $5.00 mystery ointment that only has one word with questionable pronunciation: colloidal silver.

Traditionally, colloidal silver has been the most reliable source for killing bacteria for just about everyone.  In ancient times, colloidal silver was even used in the Roman Empire to prevent wine from spoiling, Chinese emperors ate with silver chopsticks, and pretty much all ancient royals only ate with dishes that were laced with silver: and all of a sudden, the phrase “growing up with a silver spoon stuck in your mouth” makes sense. This magic solution can literally clean anything from your air filters to the water you drink, to even staph infection without compromising our precious immune systems; so, why not use it on Fido when he manages to start a war with the only ant colony in your backyard? The benefits and uses of colloidal silver are endless, and battle wounds are only the beginning!

So, what’s the difference between colloidal silver and that 1964 quarter that you have somewhere under the front seat of your car? Colloidal silver is nanoparticles of silver suspended in a liquid base; because the actual silver particles are so tiny, they are able to penetrate cells and kill pathogens easier. This makes them ideal for infections because it is able to kill bacteria at its source and prevent the growth of anymore bacteria; causing this treatment to be bactericidal.

A match made in mother nature

As awesome as colloidal silver is, was, and will continue to be, don’t think that it is essentially the fountain of youth for dogs. Always consult your vet before trying new remedies. With that in mind let’s explore the (almost) endless possibilities of what colloidal silver can do for our fur-fect friends!

Skin: as mentioned before, colloidal silver Silvet is great for almost every skin condition. From scrapes, burns, and infections like ringworm, to the battle-wounds that are sure to happen when our dogs get a little too curious about a mean looking bug.

Eyes: It may sound a little freaky, but colloidal silver can even be used to treat eye problems for our dogs like infections and inflammation. It is painless, so you can apply our Silvet wipe to and let the magic happen.

Infections: Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic for dogs and can be used to fight any viral, fungal, or bacterial infection that seems to be working against them. It can also be used as a preventative measure to prohibit them from coming in the first place.

How to Use colloidal silver?

Now that you have all of the information, it’s time to understand how to use it.

Topically: when applying our Silvet Spray and our Silvet wipes (both of which consist of 30ppm and 10ppm colloidal silver, respectively) we recommend 2-3 sprays or one wipe up to three times per day varying on the condition. *Note: Each spray has a consistent measure of 30ppm colloidal silver without needing to shake the bottle.

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