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Case Studies
Dr. Mara DiGrazia
Member of the Alumni Association Executive Board for Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Graduated from Cornell University in 1996. She completed a small animal medicine and surgical internship at Oradell AnimalHospital in 1997. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, New York State Veterinary Medical Association, and Long Island Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. DiGrazia has special interests in veterinary ultrasound and small animal ophthalmology. She was recently credited for supplying all Nassau County Fire Departments with animal oxygen masks through HELP Animals, Inc.

6 year old Wheaten Terrier. Burned with boiling water 1 week prior to presentation. Treated with SILVET SPRAY & STEM GEL 2x daily. Other treatments: Clavamox, Galliprant, Tramadol PO. Was able to be maintained at home after 3 days of treatment in the hospital. Completely healed within 3 weeks.

Day of Presentation
Day 3
Day 6
Day 9
Day 13
Day 15
Day 20

9 year old male Wheaton Terrier with years of Chronic skin issues. Lichenification of inguinal area. Malaseb Shampoo & Phytovet Spray used with no improvement. Applied SILVET SPRAY daily beginning April 24, 2017. Owner saw clean hair, no prulent discharge, no flaking, thinner skin, not as thick and irritated within 10 days.

April 24, 2017
May 4, 2017

11 Year Old Golden. Acutely ruptured, infected cyst above shoulder. Treated with Zeniquin and Carprofen PO. Topical cleansing with Betadine and applied STEM GEL 1x daily. Completely Healed within 21 Days.

Day 1
Day 3
Day 9
Day 21

12 year old male neutered indoor cat. Presented for 1 week duration of wound on top of head. No Meds Prior. Received injection of Convenia. Applied SILVET SPRAY & STEM GEL 2x daily. Microsporum canis "Ring Worm" confirmed.

Day 0
Day 14

3 year old male neutered cat. Tail was amputated at another vet. Cat chewed the end of tail. Cat received: cleaning with Betadine, Debridement, STEM GEL, light bandage, Convenia Injection.

Following Day

2 year old SharPei mix. Chewed off Toe 2 weeks after amputation. Was already on Carprofen & Clavamox PO. SILVET SPRAY & STEM GEL applied 1x every 2 days under bandage


“Exciting news - used one of the samples of Silvet Shampoo on a dog with resistant yeast and it CLEARED right up!!! He had been on three other therapies that DID NOT work!!! The owner also reported that he liked how well the shampoo lathered up”.

Kim Buckman | Office Manager | 4S Equine | Rome, Texas

"Initial injury July 25th. I did not put Stem Gel on it the first time I bandaged it. July 28th was the second pic when the proud flesh was growing and I took the first bandage off and decided to put the Stem Gel on. July 31st was the 3rd bandage change and just 3 days after I put Stem Gel on for the first time. The regression of proud flesh was pretty remarkable".

So unbelievably happy with the Silvet Spray! It’s been a huge game changer for Zulu - my dog who has/had a lick granuloma on his hock/ankle area.

As a veterinary surgeon – I have also used this product (Silvet spray + Stem Gel) on chronic non-healing wounds in patients with underlying diseases, and it's a great way to give owners a way to help their pets at home in between rechecks with me at the hospital.

I am a big fan and a believer in Silvet spray and Nexderma! Thank you!! (November 2019)

Rebecca A. Csomos VMD , PHD
Assistant Professor Of Small Animal Surgery
Louisiana State University School Of Veterinary Medicine

"Exciting news - used one of the samples of Silvet Shampoo on a dog with resistant yeast and it CLEARED right up!!! He had been on three other therapies that DID NOT work!!! The owner also reported that he liked how well the shampoo lathered up".

Dr. Selene Jones Resident of Dermatology
Michigan State School of Veterinary Medicine
September 21, 2019

From Mr. & Mrs. Wells – Gladstone MO July 31, 2018

Shelby Lynn Wells
Breed: Boxer- Pure Bread
Birthdate: July 17, 2010 8 years old
Hometown: Gladstone, MO
Best Talent: Will sing for treats!

Mr. and Mrs. Wells recognized small red lesions located on the dogs abdomen, flank. The lesions started very small and grew to about an inch in diameter.

June 25th

Shelby made a trip to the vet for Biopsy. The biopsy results determined both lesions were malignant. Treatment recommended was to remove surgically.

July 2nd

Vet removed tumor and 2 additional inches of tissue from each area

Shelby was closed using staples.

July 4th

Shelby was released to come home!

While at home, the wound was seeping from placed drains and from wounds around the drain.

July 9th

The wound eventually reopened and Shelby went back for second surgery. Shelby remained hospitalized for 7 days.

July 16th

Shelby was released from hospital. The vet recommended to keep area clean and to wear her head cone. She was prescribed an antibiotic.

July 18th

Pet owner believes wound was beginning to heal in some places but not in others. Still saw skin that was not binding together.

July 20th

Received Nexderma Stem Gel and Silvet Spray !!!

After 3-4 days a slight difference was noticed in the wound area that appeared open. The seeping had discontinued, and after 7 days the open wound was fully closed. At day 7 the wound did not show any evidence of openness or seeping. Both products were continued until product was empty (about 10 days). Her scar is very smooth and looks as good as we could have hoped!

Notable fact….when Mr. Wells went to apply the treatment, Shelby willingly laid down and let him apply. She did not fight the application process almost as if it was providing immediate relief to her wound. She did not lick or tamper with the application which is really unheard of for her. He believes it had some healing properties that also took her “healing itch” away. We were able to remove the cone of shame about 2 days after starting the treatment.

July 31st

Shelby is back to normal, running and playing with her friends in the yard! Thank you!!!!

I am a true advocate for this product!

Alicen Wells

From the owner of Nicholas of Soho

Arabian 17 year old Male, Obtained wound in fight with another horse. Healing complete within 21 days using Stem Gel
Day 1
Day 3
Day 7
Day 21
Horse owner-Alessa Craner Orlando, Florida

I have 4 horses and 3 dogs. I have used Nexderma silvet spray & stem gel on all four of my horses for everything including bug bites, rain rot, cuts, rubs and summer sores. The stuff is great and it seems to keep flies off of the areas to help stay clean and heal.

One of my horses is from Germany and has had a hard time adapting to the Florida weather. The silvet spray seems to help his chronic skin conditions stay under control.

Moose got a cut on his cheek while working with his trainer in Ocala and I used the Stem Gel on it for about a week. The wound healed so nicely that his fur even grew back in the spot in his same coloring. Generally, when a horse has a wound or cut of that nature if the fur grows back it usually grows back white in color.

Thank you Nexderma!


Orlando, Florida

Baby d'nega

We had a transport leaving for Maine. On the day of transport, one of our dogs ran into a wire fence and got a gash over her eye. Her foster was upset and was concerned that the onward foster in Maine would be angry that we sent up a wounded animal. We had no choice but to send her onward, but at transport I put some of the Nexderma stem gel on the wound. When she arrived in Maine 48 hours later, her Florida foster asked how the wound looked. The Maine folks couldn’t even find it! It healed beautifully. We are believers!

Thank you!

Janet Williams

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